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Todd Everett

I have a passion for outdoor activity including backcountry skiing, hiking and fishing to name a few. Additionally, I played college sports, continue to play softball and I am a veteran of The United State Marine Corp.

I knew nothing about CrossFit but once I attended my first workout, I was hooked. To me it is just a giant playground and I cannot get enough. CrossFit provides an environment where learning and challenge are ubiquitous. Once I started learning, I wanted more so started taking certification classes. I am hooked on movement patterns and the mobility it takes to get to do movements correctly. I believe if we instill these patterns correctly at an early age, we will see less problems as we get older.   With that, it is never too late to start mobility and CrossFit is intended for individuals of all ages.

I was so enamored with Crossfit when I first started, I built a gym in my brother’s garage and set up a Castro rig in his back yard. My go was to pass on my passion to my family and instill in my niece and nephew a love of fitness. They were my first CrossFit Kid’s pupils.

CrossFit has allowed me to continue to play sports competitively and engage in my other physical passions using strength, mobilization, skill, gymnastics and nutrition.   CrossFit encourages its athletes to live on the “edge of their experience”.   This means that we should get out of our comfort zone and try new things. This could be in a WOD, Olympic lifting, computer programming or everyday life. Whenever, I am tentative about trying or accomplishing anything, this mantra usually propels me forward.

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