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Ryan Renner

I had always been into fitness and health. Once graduating high school, my soccer career was over, however, I wanted to continue to compete and better myself. Then I found CrossFit. After watching the Netflix series “Fittest on Earth” I wanted to do it. Knowing a CrossFit trainer through the family I reached out, and began my CrossFit experience at CrossFit Polaris. 

Shortly after, I received my CF L-1 certification and began coaching. 4 years later, I love coaching. Watching our athletes continue to improve themselves in the gym and out, is rewarding to me. The athletes at this gym motivate me. 

Outside of the gym I am a senior at THE Ohio State University, receiving my Bachelors of Science in Food Science & Technology. I strive to enter the food industry in a Food Safety, Quality Assurance position or Product Development. Want to know how a product is made? Come to me! 

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